The Endless Ocean By Milan 6E

Dear Diary

Today was the best day ever.I was so nervous that I thought that I was not going to do it but finally I did it.As soon as I jumped in,I was a rock sinking to the ocean floor.I was astounded by the pretty fishes who swam past me and blew bubbles on my face which is
hilarious.I was observing for articles and attractive things that could attract my eyes.When I swam across a large rock an immense shadow went past me,when I looked up a dragon flew around me!!!The ultimate and powerful stingray came nearer and nearer to me!

I was having a pang of conscience (Shall I touch it or Leave it alone) so I left it alone.I was so exhausted after swimming for that long,then I climbed out to take a break.When I climbed out my phone started to ring.I quickly picked it up and there was a message from Professor Philip Steven’s and it said “Go down to Blue hall which is the deepest part of the ocean and find the unusual thing that is there.”I was dubious fom what he said to me.Anyway,I had my dinner and put my gear on and went down as rapidly as I can.

I went deep inside the blue hall which was so dark that it could freak me out because I don’t know of what was going to happen to me.Then a tiny beam of sunlight shone on a gorgeous and big fish which is the princess of the ocean.The dolphin was swimming around me for a long time.I was about to touch it but it swam away.Out of the corner of my eye a fish named Sailfin Tang was near my shoulder it was so colourful that it could camouflage the rainboy.

I saw a shiny and marvellous thing in one of the gargantuan sea weeds.I swam near it and saw a medal which said “The Dolphin Medal”.I was gobsmacked by those words ,I was wondering to myself “Might it belong to a man or a woman who was the best carer for looking after a dolphin”.”Could the dolphin be here to protect the medal so it could remind it of that.

I am looking foward to tomorrow,I climbed out of the ocean and went into my room to take a good sleep.It’s going to be big day!