Update from Mr Evans

This week continues to be another busy week for us as we rehearse for our end of term performance.

Grace has made a poster  about our production during ICT, and I know many others have made one too.

I would love to display yours here on the blog – use the class email and send yours in and we can display it just here:


This week in ICT we were looking at creating spreadsheets to show profit and loss. We wanted to know how much items could be bought and sold for at our performance and how much money we would make.

I was very impressed with how quickly many of you picked up creating formulas and by some of your ideas for items to sell.

Next time I want us to look at the real cost of items by visiting this wholesalers site:


Take a look at the site and maybe you could build a spreadsheet of your own before next session.

Bugsy Malone – THE AUDITIONS – By Grace

Bugsy Malone on PhotoPeach

Recently we found out we were performing the well know film ‘Bugsy Malone’ (where children act as adults- Including Jodie Foster) – as our end of year production… We were all very excited but then we realised we had to audition in front of our whole year with the teachers watching too! So we all went to the hall… Everyone and when I say everyone I mean all the people who were auditioning where VERY nervous. But once you got on stage ( most of us went up with a friend which does help) – you recognise all the faces in front of you and then become a bit more relaxed. To share the day with you my teacher asked someone from my class to take photos so we could post them on the blog! Although it was a little scary, it still was fun and we had a great afternoon:)

Bugsy Malone Auditions

Last Friday, the whole of year 6 auditioned for a part in the year 6 production. I was kind of worried but as I listened to everyone else auditioning, i wasn’t that scared. When it was finally my turn, I walked up onto the stage and read my part starting to get worried again. When I finished reading the part I wasn’t quite sure if I read it loud enough but just hoped for a good part in the show.