Blodin the beast by kiah Sinclair Martin


Blodin the beast stalked the land to find his pray.
His eyes were red as his scarlet blood
His nose were as big as a house
His mouth was opening and closing like a door
His ears were as pointy as a dog hearing danger.
Blodin the beast stalked the land to find his pray.
His arms swaying back and forth making tornados as he walks
His belly is rumbling waiting for his dinner
His arms whacking tall skyscraper out of his way.
Blodin the beast stalked the land to find his pray.
His strong legs stomping around making people fall beneath him into the devil trance
He kicks the buildings like they are footballs.
This is Blodin the beast. Watch out he might come to your town!!!

My Monster by Lauretta

Cave troll as corporate bullyCreative Commons License

Kevin Dooley via Compfight

My monster is called Blodin

by Lauretta

My monster has a body like steel
Eyes like burning fire balls
A nose like a sword
A mouth like vampire
Legs like towers
And arms like spaghetti

My monster is as friendly as a cuddly toy
As clever as a robot
As loud as a horn
As smelly as guinea pig
And as frightening as the devil

My monster Blodin

The End

Blodin Posters

We have been continuing to work on Blodin the Beast in our literacy and Mantle Work. I have been really pleased with the writing, art work and ICT that you have done on this theme.

This week we have been imagining what would happen if Blodin’s remains had been found by archaeologists. There would probably be an exhibition at the Natural History Museum. We used this idea to make some exhibition web pages and posters.

Here are some of the posters you created using BIG HUGE LABS to make your poster and Compfight to find images.

Branavee’s Poster


 The Scariest Poster – well done if this was yours!

Sean’s Poster

Blodin the monster…by Royantha


The village feared.

The monster roared.
The people ran.
The monster swings its horn

Blodin was his name.
His horn were sharp as a knife
His tail  Was as long as a a tall tree
The eyes stared,the colour,blood red
The teeth were like dagger,no swords 

The people were slaves of this 
Unreal master 
Digging for his oil,

Blodin the unbeatable monster…

Blodin the beast….by Serafina


Blodin the beast

Bloodin crashed over the hillside 
His eyes were egg shaped ,his teeth were as sharp as thunder 

From his mouth gushed molten lava, red, hot and grey 
Blodin crashed over the hillside, his mighty torso was like a big giant 

He had wings like aeroplanes his hands were as big as laptops 
His fingers were as  long as tree branches



Blodin the Beast 

An immortal and merciless creature
appeared from below the Earths depths .

His eyes were as hypnotising and deadly,
As the devil himself.
Thud! Thud! Thud! Ruling over the land,
The beast scorched innocent people to ashes.
People were cowering with fear,
His hide is mighty,
Like a soldiers armour.
His claws are like razors,
Piercing out of his skin.
He is a guzzling oil machine,
Who terrorises the land and makes people sweat with horror.
Blodin is a never ending nightmare,
Who towers over us.
By Sara

Blodin the Beast by Davina

Blodin the Beast

Blodin – the word spells evil.
Every thump makes people skip a heartbeat,
His viscousness had made people numb all over and his disfigured face had made babies cry blood.
His fiery body had suffocated his inflamed skin as his eyes bulged out of its sockets.
The vibrations shook the earth in a second, and his breath of fire burnt the village to dust.
What was he going to do next?
The screams had pierced the town and it upset the sun that hid behind the clouds in fear.
This beast had erupted a peaceful town and created a riot which will never end.
His thumping had came nearer, scaring villagers across the town , then a dark shadow had towered over the village and we knew what was next.
The villages were scurrying quickly trying torun away from danger but fate was too slow.
This atmosphere had  turned the sky black and this rage that over powered the neighbourhood had created a ball of fire every second.
Blodin has defeated the most merciful and had eaten the light and spat out darkness!
The darkness that will hold millions of innocent souls that lie beneath the ground.
Soon, Blodin will have to face the revenge of the village as the three words that will be an honour, will actually be said,
BLODIN IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Blodin The Beast By Eoin

Blodin The Beast

The peaceful land of Avantia stood still
The population carried on as if it was just another day
Suddenly there was a “thud,thud,thud”
That shook the small huts and carts,
What could it be?

The thudding got louder , louder than a lions roar
A shadow covered the land like a giant mountain
It’s eyes set alight anything it saw , piercing the land
The huts and trees cowered in fear as the monster walked the land
There was a name for this creature they had received from another land
Blodin , Blodin The Beast

Blodin charged down the village like a bull
Crushing anyone or anything in its way
It’s hooves crushed crashed and squashed anything for sheer delight
He grabbed innocent people and stomped off
He left no survivors
Life will never be the same again.

Blodin the beast stalked the land

Blodin The Beast Stalked The Land

Blodin crashed over the land striding past as every man near him falls to the ground in worship…

Bang! Crash! destroying building after building with a single finger and burning
like butter in a microwave they melt in his hands of fury.

He was as merciless as the devil in a bad mood and as dark as twilight.
Animals recoil in fear as the wind whispers of pain,suffering and death.

The earth gets weaker and weaker like a sun dried prune.

The rustle of the trees fade away as the leaves disappear making their final scream like a choir with the wind.

By Katrina