Endless Ocean

Wow the sea! you know when i took this job i didn’t know it was going to be this beautiful .I saw a dolphin this was an amazing discovery it was a mischievous dolphin the most beautiful creature ever. I saw a narrow fish i did some research and it is an fish with a oval shaped body of 35cm it may seem boring but its not me .

Professor  Jones told me there was something weird down there but i made a miraculous discovery i saw a medal, a gold medal dirty of course hidden in the coral  it was for the 16tth annual dolphin race i’m going to do some research tonight.Blue hall was really beautiful.

These are the fishes I’ve seen today a narrow fish , bicolour parrot fish, emperor angel fish oriental butterfly, clown trigger fish.

Endless Ocean:Amy ‘s life



I am a diver from Canada,and a researcher on sea-life .I first started when I was 18,and I am still diving today.

I have been in the deepest part of the ocean ,also work on a boat called the Gabbino.I find out if sea-animals live well like their food chain,living,habitat and breeding.

I work for Animal safety,where people see if animal are safe,I also work for the HAC,the help animal care,which is a bit the same with  the animal safety      ,I work for both of them at the same time so I do work a lot.


I have just heard from the HAC,that I have to go and see the dolphin inside the Blue hall (a place under water),just to check up on them.A new mission,fit for a  driver,I got on my wet suite (it was a bit smelly from my last mission).I was at the edge of the Gabbino,ready  to fall,then I heard a noise from the water,but it was loud.I knew it was a dolphin,it got to be.It must be close,I have to go or I will miss it.I dragged myself into the ocean, I could feel the bubble,like jellyfishes going up.I looked down, sapphire sand gray smooth rocks.schools of fishes,it was just like I wanted it to be,SUDDENLY I saw something swimming very fast,just passed me,and again  I could feel the coldness down my spine already,it not like this in other part of the sea…

I knew it was behind me,it was the water that gave it away,it flowed stronger   I turned very slowly with fear…it was a dolphin,I went closer and closer,it didn’t move,i took some dolphin food from my little bag ,it came closer.I was scanning the dolphin carefully and it was fine,I got closer one more time,then I touched it.It was so smooth,like it was carved by angels.

It was a fine day,now I’m in the Gabbino resting for tomorrow,a new misson.

Endless Ocean Poem By Milan

As soon as I woke up the sun the sun was beaming on my swimming ray ,so I woke up and done everything I had to,then I put my gear on to get ready,I took a deep breath and dived in the ocean.

As soon as I dived in I was a giant rock sinking to the ocean floor,Thud thud thud my hear t was pounding really fast, I will die thought I but I didn’t,there were amazing fishes beside me.

I went deeper and deeper, I don’t of what will happen to me,Will I die or live,An gargantuan shadow went past me,I glanced up and saw the ultimate and powerful leopard Sting ray,it was coming nearer and nearer.

I was shocked by those attractive fishes who swimming and twirling around in circles especially the Sail fin Tang,out of the corner of my eye I saw the Queen of the water Kingdom which was the gorgeous dolphin.

When I saw the fishes I felt determined to touch them because they were so exquisite to look at,but they swam away.I went back the boat,Another day is waiting for me…..

Under the ocean by Bradley

A sunny morning on the Gabbiano.  I have no idea what treasures lay ahead, I am feeling nervous but excited at the same time.  Whats going to happen lets find out.

I am surprised of what I see Mouldy rocks and sand, but suddenly a very loud noise I have no idea what it is.  Is it a shark? is it a dolphins? what could it be? I am scared and nervous.

But Look! it is a fish wait a minute everything is here.  Schools of fish, sting rays, Dolphins and I even saw a shark it was amazing.

This is the best thing I have ever done.  I am so happy and I will do this again.

Endless Ocean Diary


Dear diary,

Today i was amazed by how much valuables i found,let me tell you firstly i found a commemorative Dolphin medal,which really took to me,i thought.The Fish down in the ocean were colourful.As the sunlight beamed through there was a reflection on the sand,to my amazement there was a dolphin trailing through the water,the Dolphin was mischievous,which looked anxious whenever it was seen.

As i went deeper in the water,many Fish caught my attention,but one in particular was the Salfing Tang,as the colour all around it’s body shone out to all the other Fish,the beam of colour shafts on it’s body was formidable of which i know.

But which of all dwelled on my mind was a gigantic Stingray,it was like the alpha male of the ocean,as the sun gallowed on the sand,it reflected on the Stingray’s stomach,which was like a man feasting maniac i was still dumbfounded of which i appeared upon…….what’s next? what awaiting was waiting around the corner……?

Soon many minutes after there gleamed on a rock a solid Gold medal,it was just glazing in the ocen.Just laying there,long to be found.It would always shine out to which i pounded upon

Well that is a day gone by.Let’s soon await what will come tomorrow……By for now Diary

Endless Ocean poem by Sean

Firstly on the boat,
ready to dive
but an eerie vision of what awaits around the corner,
well here i go,wish me luck.

In the Ocean,shafts of blue
reflection’s of the sand,
a delphinium of schools of fish,
soon after a Stingray appears wide and clear,
deeper and deeper,whats next?

Drifting slowly past the fish,colours of every of every Nation,
then appears a shock,
a dolphin what?
soon passes by a Stingray of carmine colours.

I felt elated by what i have seen,
what there is more?
it was like a bond that was inseparable
nothing like this before,schools of fish i come to explore.

Back on Gabbiano,
a treasure i found,
a day gone by,
what comes tomorrow?
lets wait and see?

Blodin the Beast by Sean


Who is this?,

Bing bang bong,
Footsteps of a giant stalked the land,
But was this a giant,
No this was a beast Blodin the beast,

The torso of the devils rage powering up into spirits of fire,
He is as treacherous as a never ending tsunami,
He has feet of double Titanic’s,
He has satins rings as his belt,
His wisdom is mighty which shall never end,
Blodins  roar stammered the fear of the Alantic,
Is is true to become his slave?
The Devils has surely made his way!!!

Deep sea dive……by Muranga

When i dived into the ocean i saw a school of clown tiger fish and they were nibbling my toe’s. As i swam deeper, it started to get dark. After a few seconds, i saw a beautiful stilfin tang fish. My location was Blue Hole. A dark scary for little FISH.

As i was going to Blue Hall, a shadow swam past me. I span around and i found my self face – to – face with a dolphin. It was a remarkable sight to see. As i swam closer to it, it swam away.

I’ve finally found the Blue Hole. I saw lots of coral on the sea bed. The fish were impossible to count. suddenly, as i was about to go, i saw a angle fish. This has been the best dive ever.

The Endless Ocean By Milan 6E

Dear Diary

Today was the best day ever.I was so nervous that I thought that I was not going to do it but finally I did it.As soon as I jumped in,I was a rock sinking to the ocean floor.I was astounded by the pretty fishes who swam past me and blew bubbles on my face which is
hilarious.I was observing for articles and attractive things that could attract my eyes.When I swam across a large rock an immense shadow went past me,when I looked up a dragon flew around me!!!The ultimate and powerful stingray came nearer and nearer to me!

I was having a pang of conscience (Shall I touch it or Leave it alone) so I left it alone.I was so exhausted after swimming for that long,then I climbed out to take a break.When I climbed out my phone started to ring.I quickly picked it up and there was a message from Professor Philip Steven’s and it said “Go down to Blue hall which is the deepest part of the ocean and find the unusual thing that is there.”I was dubious fom what he said to me.Anyway,I had my dinner and put my gear on and went down as rapidly as I can.

I went deep inside the blue hall which was so dark that it could freak me out because I don’t know of what was going to happen to me.Then a tiny beam of sunlight shone on a gorgeous and big fish which is the princess of the ocean.The dolphin was swimming around me for a long time.I was about to touch it but it swam away.Out of the corner of my eye a fish named Sailfin Tang was near my shoulder it was so colourful that it could camouflage the rainboy.

I saw a shiny and marvellous thing in one of the gargantuan sea weeds.I swam near it and saw a medal which said “The Dolphin Medal”.I was gobsmacked by those words ,I was wondering to myself “Might it belong to a man or a woman who was the best carer for looking after a dolphin”.”Could the dolphin be here to protect the medal so it could remind it of that.

I am looking foward to tomorrow,I climbed out of the ocean and went into my room to take a good sleep.It’s going to be big day!

GOOD NIGHT                                         By Milan 6E