Martha Payne ….The NeverSeconds Blogger By Sara

Martha Payne ….The worldwide Sensation

Recently, I have viewed Martha Payne’s blog.The nine-year-old became an Internet sensation after the Council banned her from posting photos of her school meals online.

The schoolgirl, who had originally hoped to collect £7,000, succeeded in raising £100,000 for Mary’s Meals. Martha said: “This is totally awesome and will help so many hungry children.”

She began publishing photographs of her Primary School lunches on the 30th April. She gives each meal a ‘food-o-meter’ and health rating, and counts the number of mouthfuls it takes her to eat it. Last week, the schoolgirl was told to stop posting the pictures online as the Council said press coverage of the blog had led catering staff to fear for their jobs. Martha then decided to stop blogging and made an end to it.

However, after a worldwide response to the story – including support from celebrity chefs Nick Nairn and Jamie Oliver – the ban was lifted. Imagine having that many people supporting you so that a ban was actually lifted? Earlier this week Mary’s Meals announced that a school kitchen would be built in Malawi and named in honour of Martha. All the people have been showing great appreciation for Martha as she has changed there lives.

By Sara

Update from Mr Evans

This week continues to be another busy week for us as we rehearse for our end of term performance.

Grace has made a poster  about our production during ICT, and I know many others have made one too.

I would love to display yours here on the blog – use the class email and send yours in and we can display it just here:


This week in ICT we were looking at creating spreadsheets to show profit and loss. We wanted to know how much items could be bought and sold for at our performance and how much money we would make.

I was very impressed with how quickly many of you picked up creating formulas and by some of your ideas for items to sell.

Next time I want us to look at the real cost of items by visiting this wholesalers site:

Take a look at the site and maybe you could build a spreadsheet of your own before next session.

Croatia – Branavee

Croatia is a wonderful country with many different amazing features such as it’s successful food and it’s extraordinary culture.

Croatia is a small country in Europe. The capital city of the country is Zagreb and the most spoken language is Croatian.

This country has a very high population which is 4,495,904.

The currency used in Croatia is called Kuna (HRK) and looks       like this:

Most of the beaches in Croatia are rocky and narrow, but they have the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean.


One of the most major food types that Croatian people eat are fresh fish from their rich beautiful ocean.


These facts mentioned above are just a few of the many features that the grounds of Croatia holds. However there are many more fantastic and fabulous places to see.






Endless Ocean

Wow the sea! you know when i took this job i didn’t know it was going to be this beautiful .I saw a dolphin this was an amazing discovery it was a mischievous dolphin the most beautiful creature ever. I saw a narrow fish i did some research and it is an fish with a oval shaped body of 35cm it may seem boring but its not me .

Professor  Jones told me there was something weird down there but i made a miraculous discovery i saw a medal, a gold medal dirty of course hidden in the coral  it was for the 16tth annual dolphin race i’m going to do some research tonight.Blue hall was really beautiful.

These are the fishes I’ve seen today a narrow fish , bicolour parrot fish, emperor angel fish oriental butterfly, clown trigger fish.

Under the ocean by Bradley

A sunny morning on the Gabbiano.  I have no idea what treasures lay ahead, I am feeling nervous but excited at the same time.  Whats going to happen lets find out.

I am surprised of what I see Mouldy rocks and sand, but suddenly a very loud noise I have no idea what it is.  Is it a shark? is it a dolphins? what could it be? I am scared and nervous.

But Look! it is a fish wait a minute everything is here.  Schools of fish, sting rays, Dolphins and I even saw a shark it was amazing.

This is the best thing I have ever done.  I am so happy and I will do this again.

Endless Ocean Diary


Dear diary,

Today i was amazed by how much valuables i found,let me tell you firstly i found a commemorative Dolphin medal,which really took to me,i thought.The Fish down in the ocean were colourful.As the sunlight beamed through there was a reflection on the sand,to my amazement there was a dolphin trailing through the water,the Dolphin was mischievous,which looked anxious whenever it was seen.

As i went deeper in the water,many Fish caught my attention,but one in particular was the Salfing Tang,as the colour all around it’s body shone out to all the other Fish,the beam of colour shafts on it’s body was formidable of which i know.

But which of all dwelled on my mind was a gigantic Stingray,it was like the alpha male of the ocean,as the sun gallowed on the sand,it reflected on the Stingray’s stomach,which was like a man feasting maniac i was still dumbfounded of which i appeared upon…….what’s next? what awaiting was waiting around the corner……?

Soon many minutes after there gleamed on a rock a solid Gold medal,it was just glazing in the ocen.Just laying there,long to be found.It would always shine out to which i pounded upon

Well that is a day gone by.Let’s soon await what will come tomorrow……By for now Diary

Endless Ocean poem by Sean

Firstly on the boat,
ready to dive
but an eerie vision of what awaits around the corner,
well here i go,wish me luck.

In the Ocean,shafts of blue
reflection’s of the sand,
a delphinium of schools of fish,
soon after a Stingray appears wide and clear,
deeper and deeper,whats next?

Drifting slowly past the fish,colours of every of every Nation,
then appears a shock,
a dolphin what?
soon passes by a Stingray of carmine colours.

I felt elated by what i have seen,
what there is more?
it was like a bond that was inseparable
nothing like this before,schools of fish i come to explore.

Back on Gabbiano,
a treasure i found,
a day gone by,
what comes tomorrow?
lets wait and see?

Blodin the Beast by Sean


Who is this?,

Bing bang bong,
Footsteps of a giant stalked the land,
But was this a giant,
No this was a beast Blodin the beast,

The torso of the devils rage powering up into spirits of fire,
He is as treacherous as a never ending tsunami,
He has feet of double Titanic’s,
He has satins rings as his belt,
His wisdom is mighty which shall never end,
Blodins  roar stammered the fear of the Alantic,
Is is true to become his slave?
The Devils has surely made his way!!!