Endless Ocean Poem By Milan

As soon as I woke up the sun the sun was beaming on my swimming ray ,so I woke up and done everything I had to,then I put my gear on to get ready,I took a deep breath and dived in the ocean.

As soon as I dived in I was a giant rock sinking to the ocean floor,Thud thud thud my hear t was pounding really fast, I will die thought I but I didn’t,there were amazing fishes beside me.

I went deeper and deeper, I don’t of what will happen to me,Will I die or live,An gargantuan shadow went past me,I glanced up and saw the ultimate and powerful leopard Sting ray,it was coming nearer and nearer.

I was shocked by those attractive fishes who swimming and twirling around in circles especially the Sail fin Tang,out of the corner of my eye I saw the Queen of the water Kingdom which was the gorgeous dolphin.

When I saw the fishes I felt determined to touch them because they were so exquisite to look at,but they swam away.I went back the boat,Another day is waiting for me…..