Blodin the Beast by Eoin

The peacfull land of Avantia stood still
The population carried on as if it was just another day
Suddenly there was a “thud,thud,thud”
That shook the small huts and carts
What could it be?

The thudding got louder , louder than a lions roar
A giant shadow covered the land a giant mountain
It’s eyes set alight anything it saw,piercing the land
The huts and trees cowered in fear as the monster walked the land
There was a name they had received from other land,
Blodin , Blodin The Beast

Blodin charged down the village like a bull
Crushing anyone or anything in its way
It’s hooves crushed crashed and squashed anything for sheer delight
He grabbed innocent people and stomped off
He left no survivors
Life will never be the same again.