Blodin the Beast by Davina

Blodin the Beast

Blodin – the word spells evil.
Every thump makes people skip a heartbeat,
His viscousness had made people numb all over and his disfigured face had made babies cry blood.
His fiery body had suffocated his inflamed skin as his eyes bulged out of its sockets.
The vibrations shook the earth in a second, and his breath of fire burnt the village to dust.
What was he going to do next?
The screams had pierced the town and it upset the sun that hid behind the clouds in fear.
This beast had erupted a peaceful town and created a riot which will never end.
His thumping had came nearer, scaring villagers across the town , then a dark shadow had towered over the village and we knew what was next.
The villages were scurrying quickly trying torun away from danger but fate was too slow.
This atmosphere had  turned the sky black and this rage that over powered the neighbourhood had created a ball of fire every second.
Blodin has defeated the most merciful and had eaten the light and spat out darkness!
The darkness that will hold millions of innocent souls that lie beneath the ground.
Soon, Blodin will have to face the revenge of the village as the three words that will be an honour, will actually be said,
BLODIN IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!