Croatia – Branavee

Croatia is a wonderful country with many different amazing features such as it’s successful food and it’s extraordinary culture.

Croatia is a small country in Europe. The capital city of the country is Zagreb and the most spoken language is Croatian.

This country has a very high population which is 4,495,904.

The currency used in Croatia is called Kuna (HRK) and looks       like this:

Most of the beaches in Croatia are rocky and narrow, but they have the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean.


One of the most major food types that Croatian people eat are fresh fish from their rich beautiful ocean.


These facts mentioned above are just a few of the many features that the grounds of Croatia holds. However there are many more fantastic and fabulous places to see.






Good Beats Evil

This afternoon Royantha, Branavee, Katrina and Elizabeth

made a short movie using Lego movie’s on an IPod.

We had to build the characters and set using Lego.

It took long to make it because it was made by taking

Lots of different photo’s and using special effects.

First we hade to take lot’s of picture’s and put them in a time line.

Also you can use music for the whole film.

Secondly we changed the set by taking pictures of black card on

the camera.

Last we got the big whiteboard and wrote the credits.

We enjoyed the experience and would love to do it again!!

Bugsy Malone Auditions

Last Friday, the whole of year 6 auditioned for a part in the year 6 production. I was kind of worried but as I listened to everyone else auditioning, i wasn’t that scared. When it was finally my turn, I walked up onto the stage and read my part starting to get worried again. When I finished reading the part I wasn’t quite sure if I read it loud enough but just hoped for a good part in the show.