Martha Payne’s blog – Mr Evans

This morning we talked a lot about Martha Payne and her school dinners blog. Many of you said that you would like to know more about what she wrote and the controversy surrounding her writings.

I have included the link and a video below.

Link to Martha’s Blog – click on this link.

It would be good for you to read her blog and leave a comment below.

Was it write for the blog to be banned?

Do you think Martha should have been writing her blog in the first place?

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As promised I have combined all of the images from recent events from the last few weeks into a slideshow. To do this I used, though I could have used Photopeach too.

It would be good to have your comments on this post telling me and the class what any of the images in the slideshow mean to you.


Better still embed the slideshow in a post of your own.
To do this press the embed button on the slideshow – copy the code and paste this into a new post, remembering to be in html view to do this.

Looking forward to seeing how many of you will do this by Monday.

Mr Evans


Blodin Posters

We have been continuing to work on Blodin the Beast in our literacy and Mantle Work. I have been really pleased with the writing, art work and ICT that you have done on this theme.

This week we have been imagining what would happen if Blodin’s remains had been found by archaeologists. There would probably be an exhibition at the Natural History Museum. We used this idea to make some exhibition web pages and posters.

Here are some of the posters you created using BIG HUGE LABS