Inspiration ….

I have just viewed Martha payne’s blog. This girl is nine years old and has created her own blog with has now become worldwide!

She appropriately talks about her school dinners and takes a photo almost everyday of what they’re having for lunch with negative and positive feed back. However one day the council rung her up and told her to stop blogging because apparently she was offending her school dinnerladies with the negative comments (so I hear). She was on the news, in the papers and worldwide and she still calmly said her goodbye on her blog and stopped blogging. People were so bothered they didn’t stand for it….

Martha had crowds outside her school waiting to talk to her and from that, the council seen they had to do something and let Martha do her thing , BLOG:) out of this whole story Martha is younger than all of us on this blog and has managed to sort her own blog out by herself, post comments almost everyday, take the feedback and so much more! Imagine if we all created a blog like that. Wouldn’t that just be great knowing how many supporters you have? Even though you couldn’t see them, you would still know their there.. So you should take a look at Martha’s blog

Bugsy Malone – THE AUDITIONS – By Grace

Bugsy Malone on PhotoPeach

Recently we found out we were performing the well know film ‘Bugsy Malone’ (where children act as adults- Including Jodie Foster) – as our end of year production… We were all very excited but then we realised we had to audition in front of our whole year with the teachers watching too! So we all went to the hall… Everyone and when I say everyone


I am so glad that SATS are almost over only one more test (English) next week but that will be marked by our teachers. I bet practically everyone in our class is pleased that our SATS have passed:)Now all the fun stuff like Southend Adventure Island (end of year day out) and our year 6 production is coming up!

By Grace

The solitary playground…. By Grace

As I stared out of the foggy window all I saw was a empty playground, and the trees swaying in the winter breeze. Their branches as weak as worms.


As I stared out of the foggy window all I saw was a grey, stained pavement that lead to a block of brick flats. When I looked up at the sky it was metal and the clouds weren’t cotton candy anymore…


As I stared out of the foggy window all I saw was a gloomy view. Everything was lifeless and needed the sun to brighten our lives up.

Diary entry for Caine’s Arcade… By Grace

Dear Diary,

It really hurts that no one is coming into my arcade. More and more boxes are piling up at dads work and he is giving them to me. I have lots of ideas of what to do with them but, if the games I have already made are not being played… then will the new ones just be looked at? I tell my friends but they