Croatia – Branavee

Croatia is a wonderful country with many different amazing features such as it’s successful food and it’s extraordinary culture.

Croatia is a small country in Europe. The capital city of the country is Zagreb and the most spoken language is Croatian.

This country has a very high population which is 4,495,904.

The currency used in Croatia is called Kuna (HRK) and looks

Endless Ocean – Branavee

Today was the best time of my life! Early this morning, before I dived into the deep sapphire blue ocean I was terrified. I didn’t know what I would do if I got lost if I was going to get hurt.

I was very anxious but as I hit the water, I could feel the freshness of the sea. My anxiety disappeared. I was full of joy. I couldn’t wait to swim on. The sunlight made the water glisten which

Bugsy Malone Auditions

Last Friday, the whole of year 6 auditioned for a part in the year 6 production. I was kind of worried but as I listened to everyone else auditioning, i wasn’t that scared. When it was finally my turn, I walked up onto the stage and read my part starting to get worried again. When