Endless Ocean:Amy ‘s life



I am a diver from Canada,and a researcher on sea-life .I first started when I was 18,and I am still diving today.

I have been in the deepest part of the ocean ,also work on a boat called the Gabbino.I find out if sea-animals live well like their food chain,living,habitat and breeding.

I work for Animal safety,where people see if animal are safe,I also work for the HAC,the help animal care,which is a bit the same with  the animal safety      ,I work for both of them at the same time so I do work a lot.


I have just heard from the HAC,that I have to go and see the dolphin inside the Blue hall (a place under water),just to check up on them.A new mission,fit for a  driver,I got on my wet suite (it was a bit smelly from my last mission).I was at the edge of the Gabbino,ready  to fall,then I heard a noise from the water,but it was loud.I knew it was a dolphin,it got to be.It must be close,I have to go or I will miss it.I dragged myself into the ocean, I could feel the bubble,like jellyfishes going up.I looked down, sapphire sand gray smooth rocks.schools of fishes,it was just like I wanted it to be,SUDDENLY I saw something swimming very fast,just passed me,and again  I could feel the coldness down my spine already,it not like this in other part of the sea…

I knew it was behind me,it was the water that gave it away,it flowed stronger   I turned very slowly with fear…it was a dolphin,I went closer and closer,it didn’t move,i took some dolphin food from my little bag ,it came closer.I was scanning the dolphin carefully and it was fine,I got closer one more time,then I touched it.It was so smooth,like it was carved by angels.

It was a fine day,now I’m in the Gabbino resting for tomorrow,a new misson.

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