Endless Ocean Diary


Dear diary,

Today i was amazed by how much valuables i found,let me tell you firstly i found a commemorative Dolphin medal,which really took to me,i thought.The Fish down in the ocean were colourful.As the sunlight beamed through there was a reflection on the sand,to my amazement there was a dolphin trailing through the water,the Dolphin was mischievous,which looked anxious whenever it was seen.

As i went deeper in the water,many Fish caught my attention,but one in particular was the Salfing Tang,as the colour all around it’s body shone out to all the other Fish,the beam of colour shafts on it’s body was formidable of which i know.

But which of all dwelled on my mind was a gigantic Stingray,it was like the alpha male of the ocean,as the sun gallowed on the sand,it reflected on the Stingray’s stomach,which was like a┬áman feasting┬ámaniac i was still dumbfounded of which i appeared upon…….what’s next? what awaiting was waiting around the corner……?

Soon many minutes after there gleamed on a rock a solid Gold medal,it was just glazing in the ocen.Just laying there,long to be found.It would always shine out to which i pounded upon

Well that is a day gone by.Let’s soon await what will come tomorrow……By for now Diary

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