Blooding the beast-by Skye

Blodin  the beast crashed over the hillSide.

His eyes blood shot red. 
His teeth orange like lava.
From his mouth fire was brewing.

Blodin the beast crashed over the hillside.
His mighty torso pumped up big and large.
His wings a wide  as an aeroplane.
 His hands as big as giants.
 With his fingers like tree trunks.

Blodin the Beast crash over the hillside.
Crushing every thing in his way.
The people cowered in fear.
His deadly breath every where.
“Everyone will die” he boomed

Blodin the beast crashed over the hillside.
Ripping the people apart limb from limb.
Juicing them and drinking their blood like wine.
Blodin destroyed everyone old and young.

Bloding the beast crashed over the hillside.
Destroying buildings as he went.
Looking for just one more human and there he found one Jack.
Jack said goodbye to the world as blodin swallowed him whole.

Blodin went home he was satisfied. 
Well at least till next time……….   

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