The Forgotten House

Today we watched this video and we thought about how we felt when we traveled the derelict house..

Here are some of our impressions:

For every step I took in towards the hall, the floorboards screamed. The living room was a damp, eerie place. the fire had a few burnt ashes and the furniture was ragged and broken.

By Vittal

Through a creaking door i could hear  and feel  the  tap running as my finger creased  there  was a sound of a mother sceaming it was so  so strange.

By Princess.

When I pushed the front door open it was like I was walking into an animal enclosure, There was a strong damp smell!

The house had an eerie feel as if someone or something still lived there…

By Grace

I  silently walked up the creaking stairs and peered into a small  hole in the wall. I saw a glint of gold so I reached in and picked it up.It was a ring I looked inside and saw the name W.CHURCHILL and  M.FERNANDEZ. Who were they?   I slipped it in my pocket with my picture. I hurried into the next room looking around, nothing. I sighed and left .

By Eoin

There i was opening that creaky door no-one here with me i can hear a woman crying, and quiet whistling i was scared as a squirrel but as i walked i could hear music i heard a creak i jumped i was as scared as a squirrel but i can hear a baby


By Jasmine

As i walk down the staircase , feeling the wall , looking at the frames of the past.. Wondering just what life..what past is captured in this dead house?

By Elizabeth.

The kitchen was gloomy and looked abandoned. I could feel some cold breeze, rush past me as if there’s someone there…

By Branavee

As i opened the half broken door it made a loud creaking noise.A horrible smell came to my nose of damp and must.

By Lauretta

Nervously I peeked into the children’s room and wondered around to see the wallpaper when I spotted a rusty bear in the corner of the room. Alone. Dirty. Out of the blue; I saw the cot shook and a lullaby played gently in the background and scared me stiff.

By Davina

I started to walk up the stairs.The stairs creaked as if someone was walking on scrunched up leaves .But i carried on walking,As i reached upstairs i got a weird feeling that for sure something strange is going on inside the house i just knew it.

By Zertasha


11 thoughts on “The Forgotten House

  1. GREAT they all link to the video i like the way you all descibed something in the house like the bear wallpaper or the door you also descibed the smell what you fell what you heared very very good

  2. WOW! These impressions are really good, from creaky floorboards to running taps, I thought there was a lot thought gone into this writting.

  3. I Agree! This Video has been filmed brilliantly
    and the sound effects make it very realistic
    especially when you hear the baby’s high
    pitched cry!

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