Blodin the Beast by Eoin

The peacfull land of Avantia stood still
The population carried on as if it was just another day
Suddenly there was a “thud,thud,thud”
That shook the small huts and carts
What could it be?

The thudding got louder , louder than a lions roar
A giant shadow covered the land a giant mountain
It’s eyes set alight anything it saw,piercing the land
The huts and trees cowered in fear as the monster walked the land
There was a name they had received from other land,
Blodin , Blodin The Beast

Blodin charged down the village like a bull
Crushing anyone or anything in its way
It’s hooves crushed crashed and squashed anything for sheer delight
He grabbed innocent people and stomped off
He left no survivors
Life will never be the same again.

Martha Payne’s blog – Mr Evans

This morning we talked a lot about Martha Payne and her school dinners blog. Many of you said that you would like to know more about what she wrote and the controversy surrounding her writings.

I have included the link and a video below.

Link to Martha’s Blog – click on this link.

It would be good for you to read her blog and leave a comment below.

Was it write for the blog to be banned?

Do you think Martha should have been writing her blog in the first place?

Blodin the beast by kiah Sinclair Martin


Blodin the beast stalked the land to find his pray.
His eyes were red as his scarlet blood
His nose were as big as a house
His mouth was opening and closing like a door
His ears were as pointy as a dog hearing danger.
Blodin the beast stalked the land to find his pray.
His arms swaying back and forth making tornados as he walks
His belly is rumbling waiting for his dinner
His arms whacking tall skyscraper out of his way.
Blodin the beast stalked the land to find his pray.
His strong legs stomping around making people fall beneath him into the devil trance
He kicks the buildings like they are footballs.
This is Blodin

My Monster poem by Miracle

My Monster is called Blodin

by Miracle

My monster has a body like a pyrimid
Eyes like fire balls
A nose like the ponit of the pen
A mouth like a big hole
Legs like tree trunks
And arms like broken braches

My monster is as friendly as posion
As clever as a wolf
As loud as a lion
As smelly as a dunp yard
And as frightening as the devil

My monster blodin

The End

Croatia – Branavee

Croatia is a wonderful country with many different amazing features such as it’s successful food and it’s extraordinary culture.

Croatia is a small country in Europe. The capital city of the country is Zagreb and the most spoken language is Croatian.

This country has a very high population which is 4,495,904.

The currency used in Croatia is called Kuna (HRK) and looks

Inspiration ….

I have just viewed Martha payne’s blog. This girl is nine years old and has created her own blog with has now become worldwide!

She appropriately talks about her school dinners and takes a photo almost everyday of what they’re having for lunch with negative and positive feed back. However one day the council rung her up and told her to stop blogging because apparently she was offending her school dinnerladies with the negative comments (so I hear). She was on the news, in the papers and worldwide and she still calmly said her goodbye on her blog and stopped blogging. People were so bothered they didn’t stand for it….

Martha had crowds outside her school waiting to talk to her and from that, the council seen they had to do something and let Martha do her thing , BLOG:) out of this whole story Martha is younger than all of us on this blog and has managed to sort her own blog out by herself, post comments almost everyday, take the feedback and so much more! Imagine if we all created a blog like that. Wouldn’t that just be great knowing how many supporters you have? Even though you couldn’t see them, you would still know their there.. So you should take a look at Martha’s blog